Having a Baby

One of the most wonderful times in a woman’s life is the day she finds out she is pregnant, and that of course is quickly trumped by the day that she gives birth to that special little baby. At Advanced Women’s Health of Chicago, Dr. Kafali Nazarof will help guide you every step of the way; from the moment this new life begins to grow, through the excitement of your first ultrasound, and of course through the up’s & down’s as they relate to every pregnancy, all the way to the moment you hear your little one for the first time.

Advanced Women’s Health of Chicago is dedicated to individualized, prenatal care for each woman that does not begin and end with your appointments. We are focused on you having the healthiest pregnancy possible, by helping you to recognize the important regular exercise and nutrition are to the baby growing inside you. We’ll take the time to give you the education you need, and to make sure you understand the results of every test we take to ensure you and your baby are having a wonderful and healthy nine months together. As with all else, we encourage every patient to ask any question no matter how small or large she may think it is.


Dr. Kafali Nazarof offers in-office 2D and 3D ultrasound services. If you’re pregnant and need an ultrasound, we find it most convenient to offer that ability from right within the comfort of our own office. As a result, you are able to have the ultrasound in ultrasound in conjunction with your regular appointment; gaining the ability to discuss your ultrasound results right there and then. Please contact the office for more information about setting up an ultrasound as part of your next appointment.

Cesarean Section

Emergency Cesarean Section (C-section) births are done for reasons including fetal distress, labor failing to progress or placenta previa. This happens typically after a woman has been laboring and the baby has to be delivered abdominally using a general anesthetic.

A planned C-section can be done for a number of reasons, but is not typically done for the simple reason of convenience. Most commonly, C-sections are scheduled for breech presentations and/or if you had a C-section with a previous pregnancy. You will be given a spinal anesthesia through a small needle that allows you to be awake and alert during the surgical delivery of your baby. To receive the medication you will be asked to either sit up or to lie on your left side. As the anesthesia begins to work, your lower body will become numb and you will not feel any pain.

High–Risk Pregnancy

Being called “high-risk” may sound scary. But it’s really just a way for doctors to make sure that you get special attention during your pregnancy. A pregnancy is considered High-Risk when your baby has an increased chance of a health problem. Many things can put you at high risk. Your doctor will watch you closely during your pregnancy to find any problems early.

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